Within the scope of the 'A Bright Life with Preventable Blindness' project jointly carried out by Varto Vocational School

25.05.2022 07:35
Muş Alparslan University (MAUN) Varto Vocational School Optician Program and Turkish Red Crescent Muş Branch Young Red Crescent Presidency signed an exemplary project. Within the scope of the "A Bright Life with Preventable Blindness" project, students with undetected eye diseases were identified by eye scanning of the students in the schools.
With the main idea of ​​"Happy Children with Beautiful Vision" within the scope of the Preventable Blindness and Bright Life project, to determine the eye defects that are not noticed by the Guidance and Psychological Counseling teachers working in the central district in the Muş Teachers' House meeting hall, Muş Alparslan University Varto Vocational School Opticians Program and Muş Young Red Crescent. Information training was given on the issues of preventing preventable blindness in children with early diagnosis, and directing children living in rural areas to health institutions for treatment, if necessary, after eye screening. Students at Mehmet Akif Ersoy Primary School and Hasköy Cumhuriyet Primary School in Korkut District of Muş were eye scanned within the scope of field studies with the teams formed after the informative seminar. Unnoticed eye diseases and refractive errors were detected after the necessary eye checks of our students who have just started their education life. Then, necessary notifications were given and each class was given a chart test, scanning card, and examination test glasses. Optician Program students, Muş Young Red Crescent volunteers and family physicians voluntarily took part in the field scanning activities, which is the second step of the project.
Aykut Çağlı, lecturer of Varto Vocational School of Opticians, we aim to reach thousands of children together with our valuable stakeholders and volunteers on this path we started with the main idea of ​​"Happy Children with Good Vision". Considering that eye problems that are not treated effectively with early diagnosis can cause rapid vision loss, early diagnosis of these eye problems is important. Our field work will continue to be a hope for the light in the eyes of thousands of children with systematic and strong stakeholders.